GAOSP Froyo Configuration 2 by AmonRa

Hi all,

For me, for now GAOSP 2 PB3( is best custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy i7500, Obi stop to develop Gaosp Configuration 2 and switch to 3 for Gingerbread, and now I’m porting GUI + most features from Obi’s ( GAOSP Configuration 3 and all features from GAOSP Configuration 2 to AmonRa_HRs GAOSP Froyo Configuration 2.1 😛

Github: git://


Update: 2011-09-16:

Great news for all people that use 2.1 Configuration with GAOSP 2

– Today I tested all options from GAOPS Configuration 3 and can confirm that all current features will be implemented in GAOSP Configuration 2.1 for Froyo (GAOSP 2), but (always is but) You will need to push some configuration file manually but that is OK with you, right 😛


Update: i do not know when i make this 😛

New Version is here.

Everything from GAOSP Configuration 2 working + some features like Market Enabler.

1) Version: GAOSP Configuration 2.1 11.0912-nightly

2) Download:

3) Notice:

– I’m not responsible for any if any damage my app can eventually cause

– Application do not need to be system app (just put in your /data/app/ folder and reboot)

4) Issues:

– Do not know if Clear Cache working ne to test if kernel supports this

– Widget do not work

5) To-Do

– Everything what is disabled do not work but it will if can in few days or so…

– One tap GPS max power 2 lock position in matter of seconds and one tap to restore to previous settings (for battery safe mode) (this will be feature if u want use GSP, you will be able to set max power to sensors + some other memory tweaks and automatically reboot phone and when u do not need GPS anymore just restore to previous state)

Here is some screens in new version (something is already changed 😛 ):


Thanks Obi & Drakaz for support. 😉

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